October 12, 2008

A lot of people must breathe stale air

I’ve come to realize that I am not your typical librarian. The final proof came when a substitute spotted me in my busy library than asked me where the librarian was. After pretending I didn’t know I then responded that I was in fact this middle school’s librarian, teacher-librarian to be exact. Her response, “No you’re not, you’re not old.” After chuckling, I helped her with what she needed then continued assisting the mob of students surrounding me.

Afterwards, during a quiet moment I reflected on this exchange. One part of me found it flattering, especially my thirty year old part that is starting to feel “old.” However, the other part was upset, and a little enraged at the idea that my attitude, my goals, and library environment is something out of the ordinary. I hear all the time that I am a “breath of fresh air.” Why? All teacher-librarians should be passionate, friendly, enthusiastic, willing to help, flexible, understand technology, and above all willing to try new things, and acquire new media. I don’t want to be the exception; I want to be the rule.

September 15, 2008

Which books will get my kids into college, and other such nonsense.

Ah, what? It's almost the end of September? I'm already behind. I'm learning that you hit the ground running when you are a teacher, and are never "ahead" of the kids!

I had a great open house last week. I met a lot of cool parents and PR'd the library pretty well. We also had a bookfair sponsored by Barnes and Noble. They are trying something different and kind of used us as a guinea pig. They bring all the stuff, set it up, staff the fair, etc. I wasn't extremely happy about the selection they brought. Most parents who come to middle school open house are the 6th grade parents. They are most likely not going to buy more mature books like Breaking Dawn. You know the one about the vampires on their honeymoon!?! They like anything with an award sticker or books on the "you're kid should read this so that they become the smartest kid in the world" list. Or the books that guarantees them acceptance into Harvard Law school. No pressure kids

A learning experience it was, however. I will definitely be more into the selection of what is brought next time. Like why didn't she bring any Manga or Graphic Novels?!! Much disappointed. Ah, well, if we make a 100$ it is 100$ we didn't have before. Now I can afford that new espresso machine for my work room...I mean lots of stuff for my students.

July 28, 2008

How Matt Damon and chocolate pudding could change the course of my history!

Recently an opening came up for a librarian position in our home elementary school. My son (8 years old) begged me to take this job. He wanted his lovely mommy to be his school librarian.

My hubbie also wanted me to apply for the job. His reasons were purely economical and convenience--fascist. It's only two minutes away by car (meaning I could potentially ride a bike, and when I say bike I mean sweet Vespa scooter), and we would no longer need daycare for the kids all through elementary school.

So I really considered it. I like the school, the teachers, and it would be great to keep an eye on my little darlings (please insert "when sleeping" after last two words). I enjoy elementary students-and I would get to read aloud daily. And I am in super cheap/saving mode so that I may get an in-ground pool-one of my deepest desires besides entering in a pumpkin pie eating contest with Matt Damon. So after contemplating, and hearing the constant begging of my sweet little boy, I decided not to apply.

I am in love with my current position. My job, my library, my students, my co-workers, my assistant, etc. Plus what principal would give this giant nutcase the chance to completely remodel my library on a whim? Until I don't want to get up in the morning, and race to work because I am so happy to be there, I'm staying put. Unless the elementary school threw in free daily chocolate snack packs...I might just change my mind.

July 20, 2008

Trusted Agents and Navigators

My weekly trip to WebJunction always leads me to super sweet finds and wicked cool resources:

60 Sites in 60 Seconds is a quick wiki page that lists fabulous websites and links full of interesting new trends on the internet...del.icio.us; pbwiki; and tons more I've never even heard of!

This site led me to Squidoo: a collection of "lens" -mini webpages created by people on specific topics they consider themselves experts on. And we are talking about anything...the statue of David, organic cotton, African American education resources, to split ends on dog hair (I'm not 100% sure on that last one).

This led me to teen lit-this little gem is a collection of everything YA.

Now be careful that 60 sites in 60 seconds is a complete misadvertisement...I'm now on day 24.

Ahhh, the interweb.

July 9, 2008

I love my chips

After attending a WORD (Washington Organization for Reading Development) conference a few weeks ago I learned the terms "Dorito and Broccoli Reading." Dorito Reading is reading for nothing more than entertainment...nothing wrong with this; we all love to open a fresh bag smell that new chip smell and dig in not caring about calories or carbs. I've read many many of these; some so bad I hide the cover when I read in public-especially those trashy novels. Examples? Twilight, most of the top ten best sellers right now...

Broccoli reading results in higher brain activity, you have to think a little, make connections, inference, etc. Now I actually enjoy broccoli the veggie and the book. For some reason this summer I'm enjoying a mix, but in past summers the amount of time spent around the pool or beach does not condone itself to snacking on broccoli. Examples? 1776, A People's History of The United States, Fahrenheit 451.

My favorite...broccoli with cheese sauce, a little of both.

July 2, 2008

Good Reads defined by Good People

I'm really enjoying the Good Reads website. It helps me keep track of what I'm reading, what my friends and family are reading, let's me make a "need to read" list for future, it's fun and quite painless. There are some great book reviewers on it too. I will overlook some people's comments on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I will not take it personally.

1 month to go until Breaking Dawn!

I'm back baby!

So, I'm starting this up again. I feel it is a good place for me to reflect and journal my life as a librarian-also my good friends who have very interesting blogs have inspired me to get back in the game (thanks Ann and Leslie). I know, what an exciting life that must be. Danger and adventure lurking everywhere, injuries possible at every turn. Kind of like Ducktales. This summer I'm devouring books to get ahead of my little darlings. But I'm also working on 100 other projects: beefing up my school website, remodeling my library, creating an agenda for the workshop I'm teaching on blogs and wikis for the district wide Focus on Instruction Day. Yikes, I need to bust a move on that last one. Summer is going by fast.

I'm also trying to do some projects around the house, entertain the kids, and workout regularly. Apparently reading doesn't count as an exercise and is not helping me dissolve the large extra parts I seem to have collected around the bootie area. Let's hope typing will help me dissolve a few ounces. Unfortunately it's been over 100 degrees the past few days, and my inner self can barely handle this. I feel like I'm working in a pool of molasses.

I will post some pictures of the before and after construction on my library!

January 8, 2008

"There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written."

Good old Oscar Wilde!

Well, I've made it to 2008 without getting fired or even reprimanded. Pat on the back for me. Yet, I feel as if I'm not completely fulfilling my librarian oath. Much like the Hippocratic, this oath guides my choices, and commitment to librarian excellence, oh and keeps me from getting sued.
I am coming to the realization that I can NOT keep up with the kids in reading. Of course, no one can keep 850 kids satisfied 100% of the time with a constant feed of books that are exact fits. This didn't exactly hit me until today. When the 10 books I read over break didn't quiet my little book devouring hoards.

I can not believe the active reading in this school. Community look to my kids if you feel kids are only sitting around watching TV or playing those horrid, evil video games (which by the way I am sooo addicted to my, I mean my son's, Wii). These kids eat up everything I give them. I can't keep up, I'm running a marathon, where I'm the only one wearing metal boots (much like the amazing Link in Twilight Princess-sorry much obsessed).

How do I keep up? How do I satisfy all my beloved student's needs for: short books, long books, challenging books, short challenging sci-fi books, books about hunting, books against hunting, books about vampires, books that are not about vampires or next to books about vampires, sports books, horse books, adventure books, books about girls, books about boys, books about girls liking boys that are short and challenging, mysteries, suspense but not too creepy, books that smell like cheese and have a cover with a moose on it?

Must stop, my head exploded.