July 20, 2008

Trusted Agents and Navigators

My weekly trip to WebJunction always leads me to super sweet finds and wicked cool resources:

60 Sites in 60 Seconds is a quick wiki page that lists fabulous websites and links full of interesting new trends on the internet...del.icio.us; pbwiki; and tons more I've never even heard of!

This site led me to Squidoo: a collection of "lens" -mini webpages created by people on specific topics they consider themselves experts on. And we are talking about anything...the statue of David, organic cotton, African American education resources, to split ends on dog hair (I'm not 100% sure on that last one).

This led me to teen lit-this little gem is a collection of everything YA.

Now be careful that 60 sites in 60 seconds is a complete misadvertisement...I'm now on day 24.

Ahhh, the interweb.

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