September 15, 2008

Which books will get my kids into college, and other such nonsense.

Ah, what? It's almost the end of September? I'm already behind. I'm learning that you hit the ground running when you are a teacher, and are never "ahead" of the kids!

I had a great open house last week. I met a lot of cool parents and PR'd the library pretty well. We also had a bookfair sponsored by Barnes and Noble. They are trying something different and kind of used us as a guinea pig. They bring all the stuff, set it up, staff the fair, etc. I wasn't extremely happy about the selection they brought. Most parents who come to middle school open house are the 6th grade parents. They are most likely not going to buy more mature books like Breaking Dawn. You know the one about the vampires on their honeymoon!?! They like anything with an award sticker or books on the "you're kid should read this so that they become the smartest kid in the world" list. Or the books that guarantees them acceptance into Harvard Law school. No pressure kids

A learning experience it was, however. I will definitely be more into the selection of what is brought next time. Like why didn't she bring any Manga or Graphic Novels?!! Much disappointed. Ah, well, if we make a 100$ it is 100$ we didn't have before. Now I can afford that new espresso machine for my work room...I mean lots of stuff for my students.

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