November 9, 2007

Tech Workshop

Today we are learning about wikis, blogs, etc

November 5, 2007


I picked a guinea pig group of students last week and tried out a wiki for our school library...holy cow has it taken off. I just checked it and kids are doing it at home! I do need to work out some bugs, and maybe even pay the 100 bucks so that I can really use all the features. However it is working out great. (FYI-do not take visitor count as accurate, I just put one on.)

We have created a "Student Recommendation" page where students recommend their favorites (not just a clever name), and a "Wish List" for students or teachers or parents to write down books or magazines, etc., that we should have in the library. They can also comment, I'm debating about a chat room. This will eventually be linked to our new library home page (which is taking me a billion years to create due to the large amounts of Bridge playing, skin diving, and ninja star collecting I do on the weekends). What excites me is the kid's excitement...they love to talk books. Teachers are even considering making this a weekly assignment!

What fun! Next...disco ball!