July 28, 2008

How Matt Damon and chocolate pudding could change the course of my history!

Recently an opening came up for a librarian position in our home elementary school. My son (8 years old) begged me to take this job. He wanted his lovely mommy to be his school librarian.

My hubbie also wanted me to apply for the job. His reasons were purely economical and convenience--fascist. It's only two minutes away by car (meaning I could potentially ride a bike, and when I say bike I mean sweet Vespa scooter), and we would no longer need daycare for the kids all through elementary school.

So I really considered it. I like the school, the teachers, and it would be great to keep an eye on my little darlings (please insert "when sleeping" after last two words). I enjoy elementary students-and I would get to read aloud daily. And I am in super cheap/saving mode so that I may get an in-ground pool-one of my deepest desires besides entering in a pumpkin pie eating contest with Matt Damon. So after contemplating, and hearing the constant begging of my sweet little boy, I decided not to apply.

I am in love with my current position. My job, my library, my students, my co-workers, my assistant, etc. Plus what principal would give this giant nutcase the chance to completely remodel my library on a whim? Until I don't want to get up in the morning, and race to work because I am so happy to be there, I'm staying put. Unless the elementary school threw in free daily chocolate snack packs...I might just change my mind.

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Ann said...

Um, let me know when you get that in-ground pool. THEN, we'll be bff. It's so sweet that the little man would want his mommy at school with him.