July 9, 2008

I love my chips

After attending a WORD (Washington Organization for Reading Development) conference a few weeks ago I learned the terms "Dorito and Broccoli Reading." Dorito Reading is reading for nothing more than entertainment...nothing wrong with this; we all love to open a fresh bag smell that new chip smell and dig in not caring about calories or carbs. I've read many many of these; some so bad I hide the cover when I read in public-especially those trashy novels. Examples? Twilight, most of the top ten best sellers right now...

Broccoli reading results in higher brain activity, you have to think a little, make connections, inference, etc. Now I actually enjoy broccoli the veggie and the book. For some reason this summer I'm enjoying a mix, but in past summers the amount of time spent around the pool or beach does not condone itself to snacking on broccoli. Examples? 1776, A People's History of The United States, Fahrenheit 451.

My favorite...broccoli with cheese sauce, a little of both.

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Ann said...

I'm stalking you. Doesn't it feel like that, a little, when you read other blogs? But it's so much fun! I've been enjoying your book reviews on goodreads and hope to find some more time to read some of your top rated ones. I definitely like brocoli books, but it is much easier to read the dorito ones at the beach.