September 1, 2007

The Best Job Ever!

So first week on the job, and besides it being my dream job, extremely fun, something I can't wait to wake up for, I could take it or leave it. As the immortal Garth from Wayne's World would say "Pysche!"

Middle school is so cool. The kids still think reading is fun, and you can get them to come in for an assigned check out period but the books they like are my favorite. I'm not babysitting, but also not constantly trying to keep a "I know everything already" attitude in check so much...yet.
What is awesome is the teacher support. They come in with the class, they help them pick books, etc. There are some great reading teachers that really love to read, and are passionate. That is the best part-in sense they are supporting what I'm trying to do, makes my job so much easier.

I've spent a lot of time "fixing" the library. The former librarian must have loved much so that over my head was a way to realistic looking stuffed cat...who wants that watching? It's like Big Brothers pet is watching. I keep getting comments..."wow it's so open and clean in here"-loving it.

Hey what is with kids and A Child Called it? They are obsessed with the book and its sequels. Why? I need to look into this.