July 5, 2007

How do you spell hoky?

I'm currently taking this last little class to finish up my degree before I leave for my new job!!

Did I mention I obtained a school librarian job finally...

This class is amazing it is a survey course on Children's lit, and is showing me incredible ways to get kids into books. Not just learn how to read so they can pass standardized tests while standing on there head...because let's face it this in a valuable skill...but to enjoy reading.

Last Tuesday we talked about how to set up kid versions of book clubs (we also talked about this in previous library sci courses). Sounds so obvious now that I write it down, but no one in any school I have ever subbed in ever did this. It was always read this book...write notes...sticky notes are especially popular these days...take this test, answers these questions...etc.

Remember when we did this in school. Now tell me one positive experience where you enjoyed the book. But think if you were able to choose the book with your friends then talk about what you liked, didn't like, or didn't understand? Wouldn't that have helped you love reading more?

Look out new job, cause I'm instilling some serious book clubs. I know, I know, I'll need to model this, and have some structure, but hey doesn't it sound I should try it out?

peace out