January 8, 2008

"There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written."

Good old Oscar Wilde!

Well, I've made it to 2008 without getting fired or even reprimanded. Pat on the back for me. Yet, I feel as if I'm not completely fulfilling my librarian oath. Much like the Hippocratic, this oath guides my choices, and commitment to librarian excellence, oh and keeps me from getting sued.
I am coming to the realization that I can NOT keep up with the kids in reading. Of course, no one can keep 850 kids satisfied 100% of the time with a constant feed of books that are exact fits. This didn't exactly hit me until today. When the 10 books I read over break didn't quiet my little book devouring hoards.

I can not believe the active reading in this school. Community look to my kids if you feel kids are only sitting around watching TV or playing those horrid, evil video games (which by the way I am sooo addicted to my, I mean my son's, Wii). These kids eat up everything I give them. I can't keep up, I'm running a marathon, where I'm the only one wearing metal boots (much like the amazing Link in Twilight Princess-sorry much obsessed).

How do I keep up? How do I satisfy all my beloved student's needs for: short books, long books, challenging books, short challenging sci-fi books, books about hunting, books against hunting, books about vampires, books that are not about vampires or next to books about vampires, sports books, horse books, adventure books, books about girls, books about boys, books about girls liking boys that are short and challenging, mysteries, suspense but not too creepy, books that smell like cheese and have a cover with a moose on it?

Must stop, my head exploded.

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