October 12, 2008

A lot of people must breathe stale air

I’ve come to realize that I am not your typical librarian. The final proof came when a substitute spotted me in my busy library than asked me where the librarian was. After pretending I didn’t know I then responded that I was in fact this middle school’s librarian, teacher-librarian to be exact. Her response, “No you’re not, you’re not old.” After chuckling, I helped her with what she needed then continued assisting the mob of students surrounding me.

Afterwards, during a quiet moment I reflected on this exchange. One part of me found it flattering, especially my thirty year old part that is starting to feel “old.” However, the other part was upset, and a little enraged at the idea that my attitude, my goals, and library environment is something out of the ordinary. I hear all the time that I am a “breath of fresh air.” Why? All teacher-librarians should be passionate, friendly, enthusiastic, willing to help, flexible, understand technology, and above all willing to try new things, and acquire new media. I don’t want to be the exception; I want to be the rule.