January 27, 2013

Winter Reads 2013...We want hoverboards!

Origin by Jessica Khoury

Ah, Science Fiction, second only to my love of Fantasy.  Because I'm a nerd, and that's what nerds love... unreality.  Why do we love stories about times and places that don't exist?  Is it due to escapism?  We love reading about places that aren't our own to escape the dull, mundane life that we have here?  But how can we call this life dull?  We have cell phones that travel to space and tell us the weather, what the Kardashians are doing, what band is playing near us, how the traffic is, tell us what our family and friends are eating, etc.  We travel by air, by train, by hot air balloon.  We fight wars with drones!  We have cured diseases. We can talk to our friends from Abu Daubi face to face.  We have cars that run on solar power and vegetable oil.  We have 3D TV.  And we have Ikea.  This is all Science Fiction.  Things from stories I've read.  So why do we want more?  Cause it's awesome.  We are dreamers, and love good stories that explore the unknown and the possible.  That's why we love Science Fiction, because it could be, and already has been, and we want hoverboards.

So this is the story of Pia, unknowingly trapped in a prison to protect her.  For she is the first human in a long line of experiments who is immortal.  She can't die, her skin can't be pierced, she is wicked smart and fast, and has amazing endurance.  Oh, and of course she is beautiful...perfect.  Yet, when one night she escapes the world she has always known she finds immortality comes at a great cost.  This book has it's weak spots, but it is full of beautiful moments, and some pretty suspenseful moments too.  It is definitely a YA book, and I do wish it could have been a bit more sophisticated at times.  The ending was predictable, but good.  I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Live, long, and prosper.

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