February 7, 2013

Winter Reads...Libba Bray, the other white meat.

The Diviners by Libba Bray
What I love about Libba Bray is her absolute lack of caring about popular culture.  This author writes stories, amazing stories of people you fall in love with, stories that even though it's 200 pages too long you will finish every page, stories that do not buy in to what is popular.  Who writes a Young Adult  story set in the 1920s?  No one, except Libba Bray.  Diviners is about Evie, a girl (a flapper actually) who I really really want to hang out with.  I love how Bray describes Evie, she is such a good time girl with a big heart, and a very cool divining power.  I want to party with Evie at Speakeasies, wearing long strands of pearls and drinking gin while dancing the Charleston.

However, Evie has a supernatural power.  A power that keeps getting her into trouble because she shows off after having a few too many cocktails.  She is sent to New York to live with her reclusive Uncle.  This Uncle is a well-known professor of all things occult.  Evie is then caught up in helping to solve a murder, that turns into a serial murder case.  A string of murders that are the catalyst to the end of civilization.
I did love this book, and will read the inevitable sequel, but it was too long.  Many scenes where completely irrelevant to the story line.  But the characters were real, and charming.

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