April 14, 2007

"The Steam of the Social Soup"

So begins the adventures of a library nerd in the world of the anti-luddite. I enter as a student of librarianship. A lover of giving knowledge, even to those who put the book I spent an hour finding for them slyly into the bookdrop on their way out.
I am finishing my library science endorsement with a delightful thing called a practicum. For those not familiar with educational jargon, this comprises of 90 hours of library time. Working in a school library--the central hub--where things can be insanely chaotic one minute then immediately eerily quiet. For requirement fulfillment I must reflect and comment on the daily life o' a librarian. However, we must never speak of this person again, we shall call her library media specialist, or more in the now, teacher-librarian. For librarians do not exist. They are extinct, old fashioned, tight-hairbunned evil eye givers, that shush and frown. We no longer do this. Teacher librarians love action and excitement, and more importantly book usage.

So I am at a University as a student, but moonlighting as a Teacher Librarian (TL) in the local schools, mainly the middle school. So far I've done some projects, created a webquest, reference analysis, collection development, collection maintenance, etc. But now I am getting my hands dirty. I'm diving in with my hair loose and ready to tell them how much I love Ms. Funke's InkHeart, and Mr. Card's Ender's Game, but to also show them a sweet ninja slide show a student made, or a cool database where you can hear the national anthem of Bonaire. For like any profession reading books about the job or taking classes is not sufficient.
Put your trays in an upright position, buckle your seat belts, and keep bandages ready for those worthwhle papercuts.

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