April 22, 2007

How are Ghosts like libraries?

"The public is hardly concerned by what supernatural way a library delivers the goods, just as long as the goods are delivered" (WebJunction), so true, so true with public libraries. A little difference with school libraries. EVERYONE is concerned with how the goods are delivered, because it has to do with the children...the children...doesn't anyone think of the children? It seems when school dollars are the discussion topic EVERYONE has something to say. And when cuts are in the air the library is the first of feel the sharp edges, and EVERYONE turns their heads.

Many think librarians are the aforementioned book babysitters, but it you look at all the studies and articles, and testimonials you see that school librarians are amazingly more. Many question the validity of spending, staffing, and supporting the school library, especially until statistics prove a need. For example, the Ohio Educational Library Media Association Research Study boasts 99.4% of the students surveyed indicated "that the school library and its services, including roles of the school librarians, have helped them in some way with their learning." Other state studies echo the same statistics, yet districts are always (especially a local one I am cursing loudly as I type) looking to cut cut cut.

Why don't they ever do statistical analysis on the importance of the assistant principals...bus drivers...lunch ladies...English Teachers...coaches...because that would be stupid. So would the idea of getting rid of the person who is a constant for a student's 4 years in high school, 3 years in middle school, and 27 years in elementary school that teaches research skills, reading engagement, technology competencies, literacy...my god literacy, the foundation of a modern, prosperous society.

So I guess libraries and ghosts are similar even in school libraries...who cares who delivers the goods, as long as test scores are up, budget is balanced, and a good scary movie can be made from the apparition even though it was probably already made really well in Japan.

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Nadean said...

Nice tone of outrage-- probably 7 instead of 27 years in elementary school.