June 5, 2007

I love the word JOBBER!

I'm taking the wonderful Praxis test this Saturday...I'm thinking of just winging it. What could possibly go wrong, I mean it's not like I spent over a hundred dollars on the test...oh wait.

I've been looking up study questions, and guides, and figured that what I already know SHOULD let me pass the test. I hate tests. They don't really measure anything. I'm sure there are tons of librarians that could pass the test, but wouldn't give a crap about what Johnny needed, or Ms. Smith wanted, or how to incorporate this with that, etc.

For every test question, the answer could have been easily LOOKED UP...the skill they are testing you on. So why answer a question, that a librarian should not necessarily know the answer to, but be able to look it up and find the answer. Now that would be an authentic test!

By the BY

However the coolness is starting to wear off, and the freak out is starting to set in.

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