May 10, 2007

The Future is Now!

Holy crap! This library breathes new life into the biz...something we desperately need now that many seem to desire their extinction.

Check out the Allen County Library in Indiana (Webjunction did a highlight, or visit the site itself). They made videos, little commercials if you will, for their programs, or grand openings, or even training, then turned them onto YouTube...genius! Free PR! They also have this amazing eRef program that is out of this world with innovation, technology, and most importantly-getting people information that they need. Chat rooms, department collaboration, etc.

I just now thought of a way to advertise for events at a library--what about a MySpace account? Students are on it so much, why not create a site, reel em in, tell about events, book lists, resource, ask questions! This needs more pondering. Did you see the lightbulb over my head just now? High on life baby!

Watch this funny video about their YA program--notice the dance revolution going on IN THE LIBRARY! Be gone quiet library! Enter fun, hub of community.

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